Free Mobile App for Schools

YesSir India's best free mobile App product for Schools and Parents. YesSir manage the school activities and parents activities on single mobile. School across india now take attendance on YesSir App. No manual attendance YesSir App is free to use.



  • Online Attendance
  • Notice Boards
  • School Calendar
  • Instant Notification of Attendance
  • Gallery Views
  • Live Chat b/w School & Parents
  • Fees Status Month by Month
  • Show Events of School
  • PTM Remark
  • Online Result for Parents
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Online Attendance

YesSir App provide a feature is Online Attendance.Teacher can take online attendance with YesSir Mobile App to all Student.

Notice Boards

Notice Board features visible all notices from School to Parents.

School Calendar

School Calendar shows the upcoming Events and Holidays.

Instant Notification of Attendance

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YesSir App provide a main feature of Instant Notification of Attendance. When teacher take attendance so all parents notify by this app your child present or absent in school.

Gallery Views

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In the Gallery Views Section parents can view the school event and function photos.

Live Chat b/w School & Parents

In this app Live Chat b/w School & Parents features provided the chat between school and parents. Parents send complaint or suggestion to school and School can conversation with Parents.

Fees Status Month by Month

Fees Status Month by Month feature show all fees monthly status to parents.

Show Events of School

Parents see all the event on the mobile with help of this YesSir App

PTM Remark

When the school organise the parents and teachers meeting then the parents feedback send to teacher by the help of this app.

Online Result for Parents

Online Result for Parents facility provides to parents see examination or test result in the mobile.

Activities on parent's mobile:

YesSir App provide a special facilities is Activities on parent's mobile by SMS or Notification. Today is the Schools going with new facilities school provide activities with student attendance, report, results and more activities provide by SMS or notifiaction.